By Corgi Smit, Beds R Us Whangarei

Do you like to read or sometimes watch TV or a movie in bed or suffer from reflux or just need to elevate those tired, swollen feet?

Or maybe you're one of those people, like me, who enjoy the odd breakfast in bed on the weekends, or is it every weekend?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then the SHIFT Adjustable bed bases are what you're needing… and forget the misconception that we need to wait for those more mature years to enjoy this option. Why?


We too want to enjoy the many benefits of this technology…and the wonderful thing is, we can choose from a variety of mattresses and comfort levels to suit our needs. They are available in long single, king single, queen and super king sizes. With the added benefit of the super king size being split into two singles, side-by-side, when you want to read, watch TV or elevate those legs, you can, without disturbing your partner.

As I mentioned, the benefits are endless, like raising your upper body by 45-60 degrees takes pressure off your chest and promotes easier breathing which will prepare your body for rest and sleep. This will reduce heartburn caused by acid reflux. Or when you have a cold, as most of us sadly get over winter, you can sleep with your head elevated to help with breathing and by adjusting the position of your head, your airways will be more open which will reduce snoring! When you have your legs raised, your heart rate will be lowered which will reduce the swelling in your feet and legs caused by poor circulation. And when you slightly raise both your head and your feet, like in a hammock, it allows your muscles to relax. This alleviates pressure on your lower back, which will reduce the impact on your muscles and help you wake up more refreshed and in less pain. Amazing!

Our Adjustable bases, from BedsRus are available in two models. One is the 200i which does all the above and then there is the 500i which has added features like zero gravity programming, USB charger plus a full body massage feature! Who wouldn't want one of these? And yes, when the bed adjusts, it has a wall-hugging feature which means, as the bed is tilted, the base moves backwards to ensure that your side table is in the correct position.

For further information or a brochure, please pop in and pick up one and, at the same time, hopefully you'll have a try.

*Remember advise is always free at BedsRus, so if you have a question or a concern, please do not hesitate to call us on 09 438 3550. I also recommend you look at the website and we promise to do our best in matching you and your family to your and their perfect sleep… Till next time.