Colour and decorating trends for homes are constantly changing. Colours slowly move from pastel and fresh to weathered and dusty, bright and bold to subdued and soft.

While it's not practical to repaint your whole home every time the colour trends change, you can bring a taste of the new season's colours in by using them as accent colours.

Key colours and decorating trends in the year ahead:

Misty and muted


This is the Scandi look of recent years, but in a slightly stronger way. The colours are still soft but where there might have been just pale grey and cool white, there are now a range of soft muddied pastels. Weathered, aged surfaces echo of times gone by and feed our souls with nostalgia. Try Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Soothe and Resene Inside Back.

Spaces defined

Colour defines space in new ways. It visually anchors a desk top or bed to the wall, makes a dining space distinctive, or defines an entry. Half-painted walls, two feature walls not one, a tone change of colour... it's all possible with paint. Look for colour contrasts, such as Resene Zinzan with Resene Chalk Dust.


Retreat to your safe haven with dark tones of deep charcoals, moody blues and dense greens that ground us but also inject a sense of daring at using such bold tones. Try Resene Nocturnal and Resene Dark Side.


Travel the world... at home. Even if we can't physically roam, our minds certainly can, gathering up the casual vibes of far-flung places as we dream of adventure. Ethnic prints, artisan crafts, tropical motifs and indigenous art as well as spicy colours, spring greens, plummy browns and sea blues. It's off-beat and bohemian, certainly not matchy matchy. Try Resene Desperado, Resene Salsa and cooler Resene Half Opal.

Jewel tones

Indulge in rich gem-like shades with glamorous appeal. Pair them with burnished metals for an edgy luxe glamour, or less-than-perfect antiques for a shabby chic vibe. Embellishment is on the way back, as a rebellion to overly earnest, monkish interiors. Try Resene Atlas and Resene Sumptuous.

Hands on

Paint it your way. Paint a pattern on a wall, upcycle old furniture, paint pots, knit a throw, craft a cushion - take time out and rediscover your creative side. Paint effects are coming back, but using more freehand and relaxed techniques. Try combining your favourite Resene testpot colour with Resene Paint Effects Medium and a little imagination.

Nature baby

Bring the outdoors in to enjoy year round. Deep golds, rusty browns and soothing terracotta, are layered up with texture, timber, plants and artisan products. Try Resene Good As Gold and Resene Clay Creek. Or enhance timber with wood stains in Resene Natural and Resene Pitch Black.

Easy neutrals

Sharing spaces means we all need to share the look. The easiness and versatility of neutral colours gives all those sharing a space the chance to add their own touches against a neutral and forgiving palette. Try Resene Alabaster, Resene Black White and Resene Truffle.

Citrus squeeze

Rejuvenating and invigorating, the colours of the fruit bowl are being splashed around our homes. Think zesty lemons, ochre and fun shades of orange, tangerine and lime. Try Resene Turbo and Resene Daredevil.

The unexpected

Delight and surprise yourself and your visitors with an unexpected use of colour, a bold splash of bright colour or a graphic over-the-top wallpaper. Embrace the unexpected and create a talking point.

When it comes to decorating, all you need is a little imagination. Remember the golden rule... Your home, your space, your choice!