The crushing defeat of the Irish rugby side on Saturday night was a tough watch for some supporters in families with split loyalties.

Dublin-born Aucklander Leigh Osborne, who watched the game at home with her All Black-supporting husband and friends, said she enjoyed the start of the game.

"Singing The Fields Of Athenry during the haka got us all pumped," she said. "But then I went quiet pretty quickly and stayed quiet for 80 minutes."

While the rivalry was set to be "pretty personal", Osborne said the uncompetitive match kept moods cool. "When it is a closer game, we are all a little more cocky — but we couldn't be cocky last night," she said.


"We just had to take it and be gracious losers."

"It's never easy to watch a team go home. It was hard when the kids woke up and asked 'who won and which jersey do we wear today?'"

While her children were wearing the All Blacks jersey yesterday morning, Osborne still has the Irish flag flying proudly from her car.

Osborne said she would support the All Blacks for the rest of the Cup, but would like to see someone else win for "rugby's sake".

"[The All Blacks] have won it so many times there is nothing to prove, there is no pressure. So for rugby's sake I'd like to see someone else win it, but just probably not England."

Ireland supporter Cathy Lawrence, in Oamaru, said she took comfort in grilling the ABs over their yellow card.

"I was a wee bit mouthy at the start. So I got what I deserved in the end.

"I'm still harping on about Sean Fitzpatrick being a dirty player and Brian O'Driscoll being spear-tackled all those years ago," she said.


"The Irish hold a grudge."

Historical grudges aside, Lawrence will be looking forward to the next All Blacks game.

"I will move on to [supporting] the NZ team. Although, I would like Japan to win, I think they are brilliant."