When Hannah Ward and her daughters are on the rugby field they are there to do their jobs for their teams - even if that means clashing with each other.

It's nothing personal, it's all for the love of the game.

This year Ward is captaining the new Mount Maunganui Sports' women's rugby team, joined by her 17-year-old daughter Teagan for her first year in the Baywide competition.

Teagan jumped into the same team as her mum for many reasons.


"Because it's a new team and so it's spreading the players around to grow the women's game and so I can play against the best of other teams."

Ward's eldest daughter Bree, 19, is in an opposition team, the 2018 Baywide Premier Women's club champions Rangataua. It's her second year with the club.

When the teams meet on the field this season, which started yesterday, it will not not be the first time they've played against each other.

Ward played for Rangiuru in 2018, the team Bree and her team Rangataua narrowly beat in the 2018 Baywide Premier Women's final.

"That was like the best thing ever, I'm such a competitive person, have to beat family," Bree says.

There are no hard feelings when it comes to playing against each other though. On the field they know they each have a job to do, so if a family member is making it hard for them to carry out their job, they become just another opposition player on the rugby field.

"It's just like playing with them," Bree says.

"We get to go hard out on each other, we try to smash each other," Teagan says of playing against her sister.


Once they're off the field though, it's another story - in fact, if they know they've given the other a good go, they'll have a laugh about it together afterwards.

Ward says if they're not playing against each other, they're always cheering each other on.

Despite playing for opposition teams, all three would love the win for their squad.

In their opening games of the season Mount Maunganui played Matatā and won 65-0, while Rangataua played Rotoiti, resulting in a 55-12 win for Rangataua.

Rugby is a massive part of their family. The girls grew up around the sport, watching their parents play, so it's no surprise they've been drawn to the game themselves.

"I love how competitive it gets, the physical side of the game. I just think it's a really great sport," Bree says.

Bree trains with the Bay of Plenty academy and while she obviously wants back-to-back titles for her team, she has some personal goals she'd also like to achieve.

Making the Bay of Plenty Volcanix squad to play in the Farah Palmer Cup is one, but before that, the midfielder wants to really own her position in club rugby.

"I want to try to get that starting position."

Teagan has been playing rugby since she was three and loves everything about the sport from the contact, to the environment and the culture.

Ward says she always wanted her children to play any sport they were happy playing but knowing they're enjoying the game she loves and has been playing off and on for close to two decades makes her happy.

"It makes me proud," mum says.