Cliff Curtis broke the first rule of Fight Club when he told ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan about the time he punched Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the face.

Curtis was a guest on the trio's popular breakfast radio show when he was asked by Fletch about the incident.

"In this movie you get to punch The Rock in the face," he said.

After issuing a spoiler alert Curtis revealed all.


"No one gets to punch Dwayne Johnson in the face unless he allows you to do so," he said, before explaining the facial blow was for a scene in the movie.

"It's a part of the story," Curtis explained. "We're two brothers, we're estranged, he's been gone for 25 years, he hasn't even come home to see his own mother and I'm upset with him.

"And now he turns up. The world's falling apart, it's the end of the world, and now he wants my help?"

"Bro," Curtis said.

"And then you punched him right in the face," a clearly impressed Vaughan said, before asking if he'd worked with Johnson before.

"Nah," Curtis replied before telling an amazing story about dining with two big screen action legends. "I'd met him a couple of times. I was working with Arnold Schwarzenegger a while ago and went for dinner with him and DJ was there. Arnold was just getting into politics and DJ was getting out of wrestling and into movies. Arnold was kind of handing the mantle over to DJ. So yeah, it's been amazing to see his meteoric rise. He's such a hard-working man."

Vaughn then asked what The Rock was like.

"Super nice guy. Unusually nice," Curtis chuckled. "You think something has to be wrong with him.


"His mum was on set. He's been with the same producing team since he started. This guy's perfect," Curtis declared. "It happens. There's freaks of nature that are incredibly bad horrible people, he's just a good guy."

You can watch the exchange above and you can watch Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw in cinemas now.