Concerning the discussion about signalling at roundabouts or lack of it (News, May 25); the most dangerous and frequent habit seen seems to be signalling right when leaving the roundabout instead of left.

Perhaps signs at each end of roundabouts saying 'signal left when leaving the roundabout' could help. The current occasional pink signs say 'signal at roundabouts'. This message is not specific enough.

Joy Maskell


Regarding indicating at roundabouts, what a brilliant campaign (News, May 25).


Well done to the police and the council for informing 50 drivers in one hour the error of their ways and lack of indicating correctly at roundabouts, but here's hoping they'll do it again as there are hundreds more who need to be educated (including members of my own family),

As Allan Koller, the driving instructor said, less than 10 per cent of people indicate correctly at roundabouts in New Zealand.

Anne Foale

Great hospital care

I suppose it's always been true that people find things about which to complain, sometimes rightly, often wrongly, but compliments too often go unshared.

So to the Rotorua Hospital staff, on behalf of my husband and myself, I'd like to warmly thank and congratulate you for the uncompromising attitude, skill and care extended to us both in several recent and ongoing medical situations.

The absolute respect and compassionate kindness evidenced in every department, ward, and situation, and by every nurse, doctor, technician and support worker, particularly related to my husband's recent ED visits and subsequent unanticipated and very complex surgery and initial recovery, have proven to be exemplary.

'Training' is one thing - 'Being' is quite another. The confidence such attitude and care provides cannot be overstated. Congratulations and many thanks.

Mary L. Wright
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