In letters (May 13), Paddi Hodgkiss again advances her theory that our museum should be developed at the expense of our Lakefront.

She reasons that the museum produces revenue and the Lakefront does not. It would appear that Hodgkiss needs a cash register on site collecting the money before anything can be said to show a return.

Thousands visit our city every year and spend millions in it. We all benefit from that economic impetus, she must surely agree with this. Our Lakefront does not have a cash register at its gates, neither do the Government Gardens, the Redwoods, Kuirau Park, or any of our lakes.

Yet these are precisely the reasons that the thousands arrive to spend their millions in our city. I am sorry that Hodgkiss cannot measure this, but she could consult any person with economic knowledge to have it confirmed.


And a point on the side. If Hodgkiss needs money coming in to make a project worthwhile, she should look long and hard at the $20 million that our Government is going to give us because of, and only because of, the work being done on our lakefront.

That money is coming in right now. It would take our museum about 15 years or more to earn that much. (Abridged)

John Pakes

Football nonsense

I have a lot of respect and admiration for what the Ngongotahā Football Club has achieved over the past few years, especially getting back into the Northern League.

It seems to me that the Auckland Football Association is really trying to make it so hard for small towns outside of Auckland to be able to afford to play in the Northern League.

Cost of travel alone is bad enough but the rule of having to have your reserve team play at the same venue is nonsense.

Okay, it's all very well for the Auckland and maybe Hamilton clubs but for minnows like Ngongotahā it's difficult to get 14 players to travel, never mind two teams. They don't seem to consider outlying areas, eg, Whakatāne and Kawerau who really can't afford it and now don't even try to go any higher.

Come on coach, get the spirit of the team up and do a Liverpool and get a win under your belt. (Abridged)

Clive Phillips
Selwyn Heights

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