Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has taken the title of Australia's "most trusted" politician, just two weeks out from the Australian general election.

First it was pavlova, Russell Crowe and Crowded House - and now it seems the Aussies are after our leader to run their country.

Australians were asked who they trusted when it came to relevance, integrity and commitment, with Ardern polling as Australia's most preferred prime minister.

Research company Millward Brown polled 1400 Australians asking them to score 12 politicians, including the leaders of the Coalition, Labor, the Greens, Pauline Hanson's One Nation and the United Australia Party.


A score out of 100 was allocated to each politician based on the ratings respondents gave them for performance in six key areas: relevance, integrity, shared values, commitment, affinity and follow through.

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott came in with a meagre rating of 36 out of 100, while current leader Scott Morrison received a score of 43.

Controversial One Nation leader Hanson scored 44, compared with former Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop - who rated third in political believability with a score of 52.

But out in front was our very own Jacinda Ardern who scored a believability rating of 77 out of 100.

A quarter of respondents said they weren't impressed with any of the listed politicians.

In 2018 Australia's highest profile New Zealander, then Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, received the second-most nominations for 2018 New Zealander of the Year.

Joyce hit the headlines when he was found to be a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand, which led to his eligibility to sit in Australia's Parliament being questioned.