Charles Sturt (Letters, April 16) has come out swinging supporting yet another round of capital expenditure which, because the district's bag of gold is empty through other failed projects, must be borrowed. We simply cannot afford it.

The airport upgrade is merely a decision of do we really need it or is it a want?

After all we are talking about a facelift, nothing special that will increase the number of flights in and out of the city. It looks fine at the moment and will do until the numbers dictate otherwise.

We need to do the hard work behind the scenes to encourage Air NZ and other operators to increase flights in and out before we do a flash cosmetic overhaul. (Abridged)

Peter Jones



You wonder why bullying is so hard to get rid of in schools and the workplace when arguably the most powerful man in the world does it to congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Anybody with half a brain must realise that peace is the only way forward for the human race.

As for sending out a tweet to stir up trouble with right wing extremists my heart goes out to IIhan Omar.

She's caught between a rock and a hard place but she looks as if she's made of sterner stuff. It'll be interesting to see who gets the last laugh.

It's obviously intimidation by the US president to get back in line but he's playing a pretty dangerous game don't you think?

Gavin Muir

Alcohol issue

New Zealand has several problems, some are being addressed, many are not - sadly. One particular aspect of our lives has recently become very apparent since the introduction of bins for rubbish collection, our empties are there for all to see right on the kerbside every collection week.

To highlight the seriousness of the situation there are now well over 14,000 places in NZ to buy alcohol. Just in Rotorua, we have nearly 150 places to buy alcohol.

This, with a population of approximately 77,000 people is extraordinary.

It is little wonder that there are so many health problems. Alcohol, coupled with the vast amounts of sugary drinks being consumed by families and we really have an enormous health situation.

Maybe this is something that the local licensing authority together with the authority that controls the health aspect of food sales should get together on.

We need increased taxation on these dangerous consumables just to fund the hospitals and surgeries.

Jim Adams

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