It is almost entertaining to read (News, February 9), how the manufacturer, the council and everybody involved in the manufacturing, etc, of the Hemo sculpture, try, in my view, to blame someone else for the present delays.

We read that the council discussed the matter away from the public and media. Why the secrecy?

This is a fair indication, in my view, that somebody must be embarrassed by their involvement whatever it may be. There should be no problem keeping us ratepayers in the loop. I like to remind the council that we, the ratepayers, are as usual paying the bill, so surely we should be the first to know.

Harry Brasser


Shopping centres

ln just five short years the councillors of both Tauranga and Rotorua have, in my view, managed to destroy the 'shopability' and enjoyment of these two once remarkably good towns.

Who are the people with their heads stuck firmly in the sand who vote for the councillors whose heads are stuck firmly in the clouds as they allow their minds to create disasters one after the other in order to drive shoppers from their doorsteps? Now we have an unworkable parking system in Rotorua that will finish will finish off Rotorua's CBD. Tauranga is already beyond hope! It is very sad.

Jim Adams

Climate change

James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis sees our mother earth as an organism with its own feedback life support system.

However, there is now a year on year increase in atmospheric CO2, trapping more and more solar energy. Gaia may stabilise, but with a more energetic atmosphere bringing fiercer storms and droughts, higher sea levels, and wilder temperatures. We are in the temperature foothills of what could be a climb towards Venus.

Mark Collet
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