I agree with Merepeka Raukawa-Tait (Opinion, January 17) that people who uproot their lives to seek a better life abroad have a special kind of bravery.

That is why I go above and beyond to help them settle into our country.

They are go-getters sitting back and waiting is not in their DNA, not like some.

They deserve our respect - why do you think it was quoted New Zealand has a rock star economy? They brought in so much money and their work ethic is second to none.


That is why, in my view, we didn't feel the financial crisis nearly as bad as we could have and all they want is a fair deal, no favours.

We all love the food varieties they've brought in - even I love Japanese, Indian and Thai cuisine and I'm an old bugger, so three cheers to them.

Gavin Muir

Giant Ponzi scheme

The definition of speculation is to buy something in the hope that it will increase in value, without any improvements or added features.

I believe the New Zealand economy is based upon an industry of speculation, namely property speculation.

How the Governor of the Reserve Bank can call himself an economist while overseeing such an appalling state of fiscal affairs is a mystery to me.

How NZ First MPs can look in the camera when it seems to me that they are doing nothing about this situation, where the majority of NZ's working capital does nothing but sits tied up in property, amazes me.

A real economy is based upon making things, be they software products or manufactured goods, or possibly supplying services.

In my view, New Zealand doesn't have an economy as such: it's actually a giant Ponzi scheme called real estate, where people sell each other houses for prices that are unrelated to the value of the said houses.


GJ Philip

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