I agree with Bernadine Jessep's letter (Letters, January 19). Yes, the Centennial Park is not as well cared for as it used to be.

Shame on the council for not re-employing Garry Page who had so much knowledge of the Rotorua Gardens and who, along with Walter Miller, won so many awards for Rotorua.

In my view, the disrespect from the council for the legacy that these two men and their staff created is beyond bad.

It seems to me that "maintenance" is a dirty word to our present council. Roundabouts, verges and any garden other than the Fenton St gardens (outside the council offices) are not as well cared for as they used to be and some are downright disgusting, being overgrown with weeds and hardly ever mown.


This lack of maintenance extends to council-owned buildings, footpaths, and street furniture. Anything new is embraced while the old is left to deteriorate. The city "Jake" seats they were so proud of three years ago are a very good example of this.

Please council, have the good grace to maintain what our ratepayers have paid for and only go for the new when you can afford it and can afford to maintain it.

Maggie Bentley

Centennial Park is a rural reserve

Most recently the Rotorua Daily Post has published letters from concerned ratepayers about their perceived state of one of our "star" reserves, namely Centennial Park (formerly known as the Rotorua Tree Trust) situated on the slopes of Tihiotonga at the southern side of the city.

There is some expectation that this reserve should be not kept in the same condition as, for example, Kuirau Park.

We need to be reminded that this reserve is a rural reserve which means that it is grazed, not machine mowed, and grass cutting is done where "appropriate".

All trees have been adopted so there is no more room for more trees.

It is indeed a testament to the foresight of the original movers of this star reserve.


Joseph Gielen
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