A special thanks to the person/s who set up the beautiful little fairy grotto in the Redwoods.

I first saw this little gem some months ago when my walking group went there and we were all quite entranced with the magic.

A lot of thought and imagination has gone into the simple concept.

I told my husband about it and last week persuaded him to come with me for the special adventure.


During the intervening months, things had noticeably faded and it had lost some sparkle.

Fixed. A laugh to see two geriatrics working there setting up some fresh and bright items!

It was fun, and once again thanks to the instigator of this fascinating attraction. If you visit, please remember a small gift for the Fairy Folk. (i.e. wee ornament, toy, etc.)

Audrey Clare
Western Heights

Men DO remember

One assumes that your correspondent Laraine Barker (Letters, December 27) has up-to-date, accurate, statistical data to support her assertion that "it's extremely common for men not to remember their wives' birthdays and wedding anniversaries".

As a man who doesn't forget, I find it an affront to paint men in general with such a large brush.

William Wright

Pope's edict

Pope Francis recently directly addressed perpetrators of clerical sexual abuse, telling them to "convert and hand yourself over to human justice, and prepare for divine justice".

He has placed all within the Catholic church on notice, as does not a rejection of this edict individually or collectively place those so disposed to ignore it in conflict with their doctrinal belief in the infallibility of the Pope and thus cast a pall of hypocrisy over any subsequent preaching by them, particularly if any abuse or coverup is found consequent to his call, and those responsible have not at that time disclosed it prior?

It is a significant line in the sand, a defining moment for the Catholic church.

Paul Evans-Mcleod

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