Domestic Violence

I disagree with your correspondent J Adams (Letters, December 14), who believes that the answer to violent crimes (including domestic violence) lies with tougher court sentences.

Has he not heard of the #MeToo movement, which has swept the globe,
even touching the White House?

The core factors affecting violence against women (NZ has one of the most shameful statistics in the Western World) - are, in my view, attitudes of men towards women. These include a sense of entitlement, perceptions of power and dominance, and lack of respect.

Until these attitudes are addressed, our shameful domestic violence statistics will continue to rise.

Education must begin in the home, and be reinforced in schools and in the community.

The White Ribbon movement is to be applauded and supported.

Jackie Evans

Pedestrian-only street

I wonder if making Tutanekai St a pedestrian-only street from Arawa St to Amahou Rd (opp Rotorua Central Mall) would encourage more shoppers to the CBD thus fewer empty shops.

With additional plantings and seats would add to the shopping experience.


People having difficulty with walking can still use parking spaces available on side streets, these streets could be blocked off for through traffic.

A golf cart or rickshaw ride could be an option along potential pedestrian mall (rickshaws now being used in some Rotorua Retirement villages), to transport for a set amount of money or gold coin donation which could be funded by business owners or council.

Jessica Pickering


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