Rescue chopper

We - myself included, have been a little hard on Todd McClay lately. Okay he is in opposition which is not an easy game to play, but it transpires that our trusty MP has not been idle.

One thing we desperately need, something taken away by the current incumbents of the Beehive - a rescue helicopter. Well Todd, it seems has been extremely busy fundraising to get this vital part of our community back in place. With this in mind, I believe that a bit of active support is what is needed - I for one am all for it. We need that chopper, and we need it badly.

Jim Adams

Regarding the issue of wastewater, The water we drink has been with us for millions of years. Much of it has passed through the digestive tracts of plants and creatures, eventually being processed into rain through nature's water cycle.


Some countries have little rainfall, so wastewater is a precious commodity that is purified and reused. New Zealand is sometimes doused with an over-supply of rain so the processed.

Wastewater from our treatment plants becomes surplus to our requirement.

Disposing of it by way of rivers and lakes is environmentally sound. (Abridged)

Murray Wilson

Talent on display

We often read about what great talent we have here in Rotorua.

Recently I went to the Annual AMMJAZZ Studios production called Scuffle. What really impressed me with this production was the amount of incredible talent on display from preschoolers to adults.

To the Lakeside Concert organisers who are wanting to promote local talent what a great place this would be to start.

Dancers from this dance studio have recorded exam marks in the top 5 per cent in New Zealand and Australasia, with some dancers being selected to dance in dance academies worldwide.

Congratulations to all concerned for a magnificent production it was professionally choreographed and presented.

I might sound a bit biased, but hey why not, I am a proud dad and grandad.

Don Blackledge
Holdens Bay

Leave the lakefront alone

What an excellent letter to the editor from R.P. Sykes (December 6).

The lakefront is perfect as it is, catering for all ages. In my opinion, the council should be concentrating on getting a cafe up and running, especially at this time of the year. The council need money coming in not haemorrhaging out.

Dorothy Collins

Time to act on mental health

I have had an awful experience with mental health and find it hard to understand that in a country of only four million people that we cannot look after our citizens.

Lizzie Marvelly's well-written column in the Rotorua Daily Post (Opinion, December 8) has noted the state of the pathetic system we have to offer within our uncaring country.

No more inquiries are needed. It is time to act and act fast.

Janine Dorman