Spending during a downturn

It's alright to say keep spending in a downturn but the money has to come from somewhere. It may take longer for a business to go broke in a downturn but if they keep borrowing money as sure as eggs they'll go broke.

And where does that leave the workers? Up a creek without a paddle? It's a balancing act in a downturn. You sure don't keep borrowing money to keep up the quotas. You cut back on costs just enough so you keep the business running and staff employed to hopefully ride it out. (Abridged)

Gavin Muir

Pink Paint
Last week the Ranolf St end of Victoria St was closed off to allow for the painting of a pink strip across the end of Victoria St.


Unfortunately, it appears that Victoria Sts was re-opened well before the pink paint had dried and became exposed to traffic.

Ranolf and Victoria Sts now look quite colourful with the application of pink paint from numerous tyres, not to mention the cars which no doubt have paint spots in the vicinity of wheel arches, and the intended pink strip has almost disappeared.

I do hope that the bill to clean up this mess is not footed by ratepayers.

Anyway, wet paint issues aside, can somebody please explain what these pink strips on our streets are all about and where these sit with the Road Code of New Zealand?

As a driver that may be turning from Ranolf St into Victoria St, which can be a busy intersection at times, I do not wish to be holding up traffic whilst a pink strip is occupied by those that otherwise should wait on the kerb until the road is safe to cross.

Steve Mason