The Rotorua Lakefront had motors rumbling and people with cameras out as they admired the interesting old and new vehicles on display.

The sixth Rotorua annual Lakefront Car Show was held yesterday.

Rotorua Vintage and Veteran Car Club chairman David Tomlinson said more than 300 cars had joined in the show - an exceptional turnout.

Cars came from all over the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland, he said.


"I would say the most numerous is the Ford Zephyrs and Zodiacs, and Triumphs.

"I think one of the most unusual cars here today is a genuine Morris Minor Million."

Tomlinson said a very limited number of cars had been made to celebrate the making of a million Morris Minors and it was believed this was the only one in New Zealand.

He said there was everything at the show - Australian, American, Japanese, British and European - along with a Rotorua-made Heron.

People gathered together to discuss cars on display. Photo/Stephen Parker
People gathered together to discuss cars on display. Photo/Stephen Parker

He said the public turnout was "absolutely excellent".

"I would say 95 per cent of the cars here today you would not see on the road in the next 12 months. It's a unique opportunity to see these cars."

The event always raised money for St John Ambulance Rotorua.

Taupo's Bryce Gliddon came to the car show with his Heron MJ1 Sports car, which was designed and built by Ross Baker of Rotorua.


Baker designed and built of some of New Zealand's most successful road and race cars.

Gliddon said he had owned the car for a year, and the previous owner had it for 27 years.

He said he was a long-time car enthusiast and he bought this car because it was a rare opportunity to take ownership of a New Zealand-built car which was innovative in its day.

"It felt great to display it at a Rotorua car show because a lot of Rotorua people had not realised the history and that the car was made in Rotorua," he said.

Rotorua's Jim MacKenzie was pleasantly surprised by the show.

"I thought it would be smaller and more local. There's some amazing cars here."

Local David Reid said he was a car enthusiast and went along because he thought it would be a bit of fun.

He said the show was brilliant and he thought it was on a par with the Intermarque Concours d'Elegance which is held in Auckland.

Sue Wedgwood, Rotorua St John area committee member and shuttle driver, said all proceeds would go to St John and its health shuttle.

In the past, the money raised for St John from the car show was around the $1000 mark, she said.