Locals are being encouraged to help out the SPCA and those that cannot speak for themselves.

The SPCA Annual Appeal started on Monday, and this year the SPCA is hoping to raise more than $350,000 nationwide.

For the appeal, the Rotorua SPCA has a prize hamper valued at more than $500, with raffle tickets selling for $2 or 3 for $5.

Raffle tickets will be available at Countdown Fairy Springs today and there will also be a sausage sizzle at the Agrodome and Agroventures Open Day today from 10.30am to 2pm.


Rotorua SPCA centre manager Sue Kinsella said so far the appeal had gone well and they were hoping to raise $1000 this weekend.

Kinsella said the money raised would go towards animal maintenance costs, such as vaccinations and vet treatments.

"It reminds people who we are and what we do, and helps our community contribute towards animal care in the community."

The Rotorua SPCA has recently posted the national SPCA List of Shame on its Facebook page.

Kinsella said there had been a lot of horrified readers.

"Some of the stories were quite gruesome, but sadly this type of cruelty is what we are faced with regularly.

"Some of the neglect and abuse stories were difficult to read, but this is the sad and frustrating part of what we see on a regular basis, and the harsh reality of animal cruelty in New Zealand."

This year's List of Shame included a dog left tied up in a backyard with a too-small chain for weeks leaving an infected wound and a cat with the tips of her ears cut off.

Kinsella said hopefully the list made people aware of what was happening to animals in their community, and where to go to report abuse.

"If anyone would like to assist, we are always looking for volunteers to help us with our work in the shelter or op shops.

"Together we can make a difference and help those who can't speak for themselves."