This morning's Rotorua Lakes Council meeting was over in the blink of an eye for media and the general public before councillors moved into a confidential session.

But, in the 11 minutes the general public were allowed in the council chamber councillor Mark Gould asked council staff for an update on noise issues surrounding the new Lumbercube mill on Vaughan Rd, that has been causing issues for residents of Rotorua's east side.

Council chief executive Geoff Williams said that would not be a problem, but what the update was remains confidential as media were asked to leave before the update was made.

Mr Gould said the matter was of some urgency and councillors should be kept informed of progress to reduce noise levels.


Since Lumbercube opened late September last year the council has received 420 noise complaints up until February 14.

The company told the Rotorua Daily Post last week it had spent around $1.5 million on noise reduction measures and should be finished sound proofing the site by early March.

Councillor Charles Sturt also raised the issue of how the council should formally receive petitions from the public.

His call was in relation to a recent petition presented to Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick and council staff regarding the council's proposed children's health hub and shared library project.

A petition of around 1400 signatures was received against the proposal but Mr Sturt said there should be a formal procedure put in place to receive petitions in future.

"It's really important if we do get these petitions it should outline how they are received, the process, and how they are answered."

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Mrs Chadwick agreed saying she was quite surprised there was not a formal policy around receipt of petitions.

"I do believe myself we should look at a policy formulation about receipt, council response to the petition, and the format for that response to be tabled through the appropriate committee."

Councillor Merepeka Raukawa-Tait said that a report regarding the formal receipt of petitions was already being worked on by council staff.