This week saw many children return to school but some were entering the classroom for their first day.

The Rotorua Daily Post caught up with 5-year-old Tui Stokes-Kaukau to see how his first day went.

Tui said he enjoyed his first day at St Michael's Catholic Primary and that he did a lot of different things.

"We do funny things and our teachers are nice and we just do all of the stuff."


At lunchtime he said he got to play on the slides and in the sandpit and that he had a good time.

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Tuis's father, Malcolm Kaukau, said he had no trouble dropping Tui off in the morning when they arrived at school.

"It was easy, he couldn't wait for us to leave," Mr Kaukau said.

Lorette Tiedt, one of Tui's teachers, said the first day back had been busy with lots of fun and excitement.

"It's not often that we have such a big group start on one day, there are eight new entrants, but it's lovely.

"We have some that started at the end of last year and they are enjoying being the 'big' ones and helping the new ones," Mrs Tiedt said.

She said Tui tried very hard on his first day.

"He is joining in with everything, he loves to answer questions and he's not scared to ask questions either."