The NZ Transport Agency has revealed all but final designs for State Highway 30A/Amohau St including a new shared path, extra cycleways and crossings.

NZTA is holding two public information meetings alongside Rotorua Lakes Council today revealing what it has planned for the Central Corridor.

Project manager Nancy Wain said what had been revealed had been a result of public consultation and steering groups.

"We had a design, then had feedback and updated that.


"The current plan aligns with the Government Policy Statement which is about multi-modal transport and safety. It improves pedestrian and cycle safety."

Amohau St/State Highway 30A will be upgraded. Photo / Stephen Parker
Amohau St/State Highway 30A will be upgraded. Photo / Stephen Parker

The plan includes widening existing paths, a new shared path, new cycle lane in front of Central Mall and a solid median outside Boys' High School.

It also includes several raised and signalised pedestrian crossings and the removal of the ability to turn right from Pukuatua St on to Amohau St.

One lane will be removed from the western portion of the Fenton St intersection.

The design identifies the benefits as "improved connectivity, multi-modal opportunities and support for inner-city revitalisation".

Wain said the plans could still change if anything significant came up.

The agency has set aside $11 million for the upgrade.

After the upgrade is finished, the state highway status of the road will be revoked and it will be returned to the council as a local road.


"Once we have the details, plan and timeframes we can look at funding."

Detailed design is expected to be done by the end of the year.

At the public information session, some members of the public got heated in their conversations with NZTA staff.

Gail Doughty, a member of the public at the session told the Rotorua Daily Post there was a lot of work to be done on the road.

"Hopefully they divert the trucks but they've got to be careful they are dealing with a city not just a [shopping] complex and a town.

"We need to look after people that run businesses, that shop in the city, and make sure people have somewhere to park. We need to look after cyclists, walkers and get trucks out of the city."


Resident Ray Sykes said he hoped the plan would be a long-term approach.

The Central Corridor project is part of a wider approach to the Rotorua roading network including the completed Hemo Rd intersection, construction of the Ōwhata roundabout and improving the Eastern Corridor between Sala St and Iles Rd, a project in the tender evaluation stage.