We came here because

we had heard about this cafe in Newmarket that didn't price its meals but left it up to the customer to decide what they felt the meal was worth. Intrigued, we also knew it was very health conscious and we like to kid ourselves that we are too.

Parking was fairly easy, with some parks, if you're lucky, in front of the cafe.

We walked in and immediately thought they had prices on their menu. Long story, but it seems asking the punters to decide the price wasn't a great business move. Hence the market prices. Aesthetically, this place looks healthy and environmentally conscious - clean and green with plant-based food that is nutritious and organic.


The most unusual thing on the menu was a toss-up between the Brazilian-style superfood breakfast and the brown rice mochi cakes. There's also gluten-free bread available.

We ordered the mochi cakes, served with fried banana, cinnamon, fresh fruit, a warm toasted nut/seed selection and agave syrup ($17) and the Kiwi-style big breakfast (plant-based, of course) with organic baked beans, vegan sausages, grilled tomato, fried mushrooms and toasted sourdough ($17) plus a liver-cleansing juice and coffees. The big breakfast was yummy, especially the vegan sausages, and faultless. Not so taken with the brown rice mochi cakes, though - I think they might be an acquired taste.

The service was pleasant, chatty and informative (including a full explanation of how Aucklanders just weren't ready for a no-prices menu). They also asked if we were happy to wait 15 to 20 minutes for our meals, as each is made from scratch.

The coffee was made with great attention to detail and a perfect strength. The teas are tempting, too.

We recommend if you come here you take your time because Wise Cicada, like those men on the cheese ads, know that good things take time. And you can use that time to peruse the organic food products and fresh veges for sale.

Overall we thought Wise Cicada made us feel very righteous and healthy. Next time I'm going to go all the way and have the superfood breakfast.