Herald Rating: 4/5
Address: 500 Harvard Lane, Ardmore

We came here because

we had just enjoyed the experience of flying over Auckland in a classic DC-3, which takes off from the New Zealand Warbirds HQ at Ardmore. Back on the ground but still buzzing, we decided to check out the cafe at the airport.

Parking was easy, in front of the cafe, and, even better, free of charge.

We walked in and immediately thought the cafe looked far more appealing inside than out. We liked the wooden floors, the shiny red coffee machine, the easy-to-read blackboard menu, the photos of aeroplanes on the walls and that the tables weren't crowded together.


The most unusual thing on the menu was, at a pinch, that gluten-free bread was offered but, to be honest, it's standard cafe breakfast fare.

We ordered the pilot's breakfast ($17) - a hearty serving without being greasy, consisting of breakfast sausages, bacon, hash browns, Turkish bread, grilled tomatoes; and eggs benedict ($17) with poached eggs, English muffin, spinach and hollandaise sauce, presented attractively and tasting delicious.

The service was quick, friendly and efficient.

The coffee was great and fautless, even my "happy hippie coffee" - decaf with soy.

We recommend if you come here sit outside on the balcony and watch the light aircraft and helicopters coming and going. It's easy to spend more time plane-spotting than you realise.

Overall we thought Ardmore Cafe was a great find and we loved the country atmosphere.