The Queen is reportedly "hurt and disappointed" by Meghan Markle rejecting her invitation to Balmoral to attend the tennis instead.

After turning her majesty down, The Duchess of Sussex flew to New York so she could watch her friend Serena Williams compete in the final of the US Open.

Royal insiders told The Mail on Sunday that the movie is an "outright snub," and that the Queen is "hurt and disappointed at a time when she likes to bring her friends and family together."

According to sources, her majesty had been excited to spend "a few days of merry chaos" with her great-grandchildren.


Meghan however decided Archie was "too young for the trip," despite taking him overseas twice in the past month.

"It's a bit odd, as his age didn't stop them taking him to Ibiza for a week and then to see Elton John in France," a source told The Sun last week.

"If they want privacy or protection - which was Harry's excuse for taking private jets - there is no more protected or private holiday destination than the Queen's Scottish home.

As William and Kate have taken their three children to the family home in Balmoral, it
had been widely presumed Harry and Meghan would join them - especially considering they didn't go last year as Meghan was heavily pregnant.

"She has never been to Balmoral and the Queen was disappointed they're not going."

After the backlash she and husband Prince Harry faced over their flurry of private jet flights, four in just 11 days, The Times reports that Meghan flew commercial to New York.

"It's a last-minute trip," a source said. "Excited to support her friend and then come back."

It is thought Meghan flew solo, leaving baby Archie, who was born in May, in the care of Harry.