Ivanka Trump is facing backlash for sharing family photos over the weekend.

President Donald Trump's eldest daughter took to social media to post photos of herself with her husband and two children, enjoying a family camping trip.

"Sunday morning vibes. We go together like campfire and marshmallows! #camping," she captioned one picture.

Followers quickly slammed the 37-year-old for being a "hypocrite", as many other families are currently separated and locked up in border detention centres in the US.


"Wow Ivankatrump - those children your Daddy put in cages would love a nice comfy pillow to sleep on - much less a toothbrush, ability to take a bath, and decent food to eat," wrote one Instagram user.

"Wow, they look so happy to not be in cages and denied basic hygiene," wrote another.

While Ivanka's father Donald Trump still denies climate change, her followers criticised the businesswoman for sharing a photo of herself in nature with the caption "where the wild things are".

"Wow, look at that beautiful sky, those amazing trees, and lovely plants... all being destroyed because your administration refuses to care about the earth or believe in climate change," wrote one.

"So happy you get to enjoy nature. Future generations won't get that opportunity after your father destroys any and all environmental protections. But wow!! Great insta!!" wrote another.

Last month Ivanka was relentlessly mocked after video captured her awkwardly butting into a conversation with world leaders at the G20 summit.

The chorus of disapproval was led by outspoken US Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who commented on Twitter that being somebody's daughter "actually isn't a career qualification".