Equestrian competitors from a school in Australia have visited Marton and shown the students from Nga Tawa School their horse-riding prowess.

The students from New England Girls School (NEGS) in Armidale, New South Wales, finished first in every aspect of competition at Calico Line on Saturday.

Dressage test 2A and 2C were taken out by Sydney-born Katie Hancock, giving NEGS a 402 points to 394 victory in the overall points standings.

While it was almost a whitewash in the show jumping, with Katie Lockhart being the only Nga Tawa competitor to place in the 90cm, finishing second.


Head of equestrian at Nga Tawa School Libby Rayner said that the random draw of the horses played a part in the results.

"NEGS did really well, in this kind of competition you rely heavily on the horses that you draw and the way that the cookie crumbled, they drew some really cool horses," Rayner said.

"They're great riders as well, but the horses did give them a little bit of an advantage."

All competitors participated on randomly-drawn mounts in the spirit of fairness, because to transport one horse across the Tasman twice costs $12,000.

Rachelle Hirst and Imtiaz Anees chew the fat as dressage double winner Katie Hancock passes by. Photo / Bevan Conley
Rachelle Hirst and Imtiaz Anees chew the fat as dressage double winner Katie Hancock passes by. Photo / Bevan Conley

NEGS arrived in New Zealand on Thursday night and were hosted by Nga Tawa, who were returning the favour after they visited Australia in early August.

It is all a part of a new trans-Tasman interschool rivalry arranged by Rayner and head of equestrian at NEGS, Imtiaz Anees.

Rayner said the experience would greatly benefit her riders.

"They have a slightly older team than us, we've got quite young, up and coming riders.

"The fact that we've started this relationship and we intend to build on it, my younger girls are going to be so much richer having had this experience."

The team from NEGS flew out on Sunday, so that they could get back to school in time to continue focusing on their academics.

The next time they see someone from Nga Tawa School might be at the end of the year, as they have invited year 13 student Emma Slaney to take up a working pupil position.

An excited Rayner said that Slaney was sold on the idea.

She also praised some of the individual performances from her competitors.

"In the showjumping, Katie Lockhart rode really well, she was consistent in both rounds and in the dressage, Colleen Weir placed in both classes.

"Those two are our year 12 students, so they're our senior riders and that's to be expected at that level."

Next the Nga Tawa team will have a debrief about their international event, before preparing for eventing in Taupo and show jumping in Napier this weekend.

There will be a comprehensive look at the partnership between Nga Tawa and NEGS featured in 48 hours this weekend in the Chronicle.

Full results

Dressage test 2A:
1st Katie Hancock (NEGS), 2nd Emma Gibb (Nga Tawa), 3rd (Colleen Ware) (Nga Tawa), 4th Amy Fisher (NEGS).

Dressage test 2C:
1st Katie Hancock (NEGS), 2nd Katie Morrow (NEGS), 3rd Colleen Ware (Nga Tawa), 4th Georgie Fryatt (Nga Tawa).

Overall dressage:
1st NEGS 402
2nd Nga Tawa 394

Show jumping 90cm:
1st Anna Jarvis (NEGS), 2nd Katie Lockhart (Nga Tawa), 3rd Cassie Drummond (NEGS), 4th Brooke McKenna (NEGS)

Show jumping 95cm:
1st Brooke McKenna (NEGS), 2nd Anna Jarvis (NEGS), 3rd Cassie Drummond (NEGS), 4th Pricilla Clonan (NEGS)