Mon Repos

Fifteen minutes out of


is where half of the entire concentration of nesting loggerhead turtles in the Southern Hemisphere come to lay their eggs. Visit the Mon Repos Turtle Centre and witness turtles laying their eggs between November and January, and return between January and March to help the little


make their way back into the great big ocean they call home!

Lady Musgrave Island
Lady Musgrave Island filled with fish, manta rays, turtles and more beautiful coral. Green turtles have a good sized rookery on this island as well as a smaller loggerhead one and each play an important role in the ecosystem around the island. You can take a day trip from 1770 or from Bundaberg which makes getting here really easy.

Heron Island
On Heron Island you can literally walk straight off the beach and into a reef. This is a turtle's idea of paradise and green turtles, as well as loggerhead turtles, call it home. There are many scuba diving sites around Heron Island to explore and swim with the turtles, but during nesting season (from November to January) the turtles are right there on the beach so you don't even need to get wet.

Great Keppel Island
Great Keppel Island and the islands that surround it, is one of the most important breeding rookeries for the Flatback turtles that migrate from the Torres Strait to nest here. Cruise across to the island to snorkel the fringing reefs and tick off the pristine beaches on Great Keppel.