An Auckland boarding house owner has been fined more than $4200 following complaints from 24 tenants.

Robert John Angus failed to lodge bonds for numerous tenants at his Otahuhu boarding house at 25 Moa St, a Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator found.

He also failed to provide insulation statements to some of his tenants.

Angus' breaches were serious enough for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to take him to the Tenancy Tribunal on behalf of the 24 tenants.


The tribunal ordered Angus to pay $200 to each tenant whose bond he failed to lodge, and $100 to those who did not receive insulation statements from him.

The Tenancy Tribunal action comes one month after the tribunal fined another Auckland landlord almost $180,000 for breaking tenancy laws.

In that case, Widhani Iskandar - who goes by the name Debbie and who managed up to 100 rental properties in South Auckland - "deliberately and knowingly" failed to lodge her tenant's bond payments in 81 instances, MBIE said.

She was subsequently ordered to correctly lodge $119,625 in bond money and pay $10,495 in costs after MBIE brought 197 complaints against her at the Tenancy Tribunal.

Iskandar was further ordered to pay $700 to each of 68 tenants whose bonds she had handled illegally.

Her latest transgressions came after she illegally rented out converted garages for well-above market rent in 2016, during the peak of the housing crisis.