Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern denies that her party will have a "say nothing, do nothing" approach to the election.

Earlier this week, she said that there would not be a "large-scale range of policies" from Labour this election.

"What we will be doing over this election period is adding some additional aspects [of policy]," she said.

"But I would flag to voters not to expect to see the large-scale manifestos that are a significant departure from what we are doing."


However, speaking to The Country's Jamie Mackay, Ardern denied that she plans on "sleepwalking" to September 19th.

"It was only three years ago that I came into this role in an election where people didn't think that would be the outcome, so I would be the last person that would ever take an election for granted."

Listen to the full interview below:

Ardern says that the campaign will be very different to what they had originally planned six months ago, and Covid-19 has reshaped their plans.

She says that they will be constrained by the global pandemic in what can be promised.

"We need to make sure we are prudent and are focused on the rebuild."

One policy plan is set in stone though: Ardern says that even if New Zealand First does not return to Government, a Capital Gains Tax remains off the table.

She says that she vowed it wouldn't happen, and plans to stick to her word.

"I'd like to think Jamie that I'm someone who sticks to my word. If you've got anything that demonstrates that I don't, then happy to discuss, but I'd like to rather not be tarred with the brush with every politician that's come before me."