Get ready to hear Labour's new rallying call "let's keep moving" over the next 11 weeks in the lead-up to September's General Election.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the party's new slogan - which follows last election's "let's do this" - in a video to supporters this morning.

Ardern said: "Every campaign needs its rallying call.

"Something that we point to and say that is what this election is about for us."


Ardern said the slogan and campaign was about "each and every one of us and what we're doing together as a team".

"We've been through a lot this year, but through the work of every single one of us, we now have opportunities other countries don't. We've restarted the economy and we're in a position to bounce back.

"And we can take huge pride in that but there are still enormous challenges ahead and to face them we'll need the same unity and the same determination."

Ardern said the Labour Party had a plan to "get us through" and it was already in motion.

"So that is what this election is about. We can't afford to put the brakes on the momentum we've got. We've got to accelerate our progress and we've got to keep doing it together.

"So this election our message is simple: let's keep moving."

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Labour's campaign chair Megan Woods said after the "team of five million" went "hard and early, Labour had a plan to "respond, recover and rebuild".

"The country is moving in the right direction with our plan for economic recovery already started and experienced leadership is in place.


"In this election, New Zealanders will be able to choose to keep building on our success to date or put it at risk by changing course."