A copy of a painting of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern by a pair of Auckland artists has shown up outside a dairy.

The painting by Weston Frizzell - the name used by Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston on joint projects - was snapped outside an Auckland dairy in Westmere by a Herald reader.

The artwork is done in a similar style to the Obama Hope poster, and depicts a smiling Ardern with the word "Aroha" emblazoned underneath.

Meanwhile, Ardern has posted a video on social media tonight to supporters, thanking Kiwis for their efforts in stamping out Covid-19.


She has also signalled that a pause on election campaigning during the coronavirus response is set to end.

"As you may know, during the alert level four and alert level three, we suspended all campaigning and instead the Labour team put their energy in to helping communities through Covid-19 by doing welfare calls, thousands of them.

"I want to say thank you to everyone who got on the phones and checked in on those who needed it - that was the right thing for us to do during those tough times.

"Over the next few weeks, though, we'll be gradually and safely restarting our campaign – with the team trying to play a bit of catch up on campaigning and fundraising efforts that were, rightly, put on hold, so expect to hear a little bit more from me and the team in the next wee while."

Ardern said the country had come a long way in its fight against the virus, "but we're not there yet".

"Thank you for staying home and saving lives. Together, we have kept the virus under control and played our part to avoid the widespread devastation we've seen overseas.

"But I know it's at times been really tough. So thank you for all the sacrifices you've made over the past few months."

She urged New Zealanders to keep following important health messages like physical distancing and hand washing "to ensure we don't go backwards", and try to shop locally to support local businesses.


"You've got us this far by working together. Now we need to keep on playing it safe to keep New Zealand moving forward."