An Auckland criminal has picked the wrong house to ditch their home detention bracelet - chucking it on the property where a National MP lives.

Kim Choe took to social media after finding the tampered ankle bracelet among rubbish dumped in a hedge outside her home.

The apparent monitoring breach was never going to go unnoticed - Choe's husband is National MP Chris Penk: a successful lawyer who is also the party's courts spokesman.

Penk is also a member of Parliament's justice select committee.

National MP for Helensville Chris Penk. Photo / Derek Cheng
National MP for Helensville Chris Penk. Photo / Derek Cheng

Choe made the discovery when she was cleaning up the hedge at the couple's West Auckland property.

"I've pulled a lot of crap out of my front hedge lately, but this was a first (police on their way to collect it!)," she wrote on Twitter.

Her post was accompanied with a photo of the home detention bracelet, which has been cut off.

One person responded to Choe, writing "Haha! So good!" while others were shocked at her find.

It is not known when the home detention bracelet was cut.

Police have since collected the bracelet.