National's deputy leader Paula Bennett has added marriage and civil union celebrant to her CV over the summer break.

The Upper Harbour MP said she was "open for business" and looking forward to officiating many weddings in the future.

Bennett decided she wanted to marry people after she spent a number of years facilitating funerals.

"It's such an important event to actually try and celebrate someone's life at a time that's filled with so much sadness."


She facilitated a number of funerals over the past couple of years.

"It's a real privilege to see someone out the way they would want to, and respect the family."

Bennett decided to apply for a celebrant's license when her niece approached her and asked if she could marry her in March.

"I thought that sits quite well with the work I have been doing with funerals. I would actually quite like to be celebrating people getting together."

Since she made the announcement on Facebook a few days ago, she said she has had "quite a few people asking if I would marry them".

"I am open for business," she said.

"I'm ready to put it out there and lock a few more in. I would love to officiate more weddings."

In terms of getting the licence, Bennett said she went through the exact same process as everyone else.


"I had character references, I had to go through a police check, I had a number of people that had to vouch for me and I read all the information and am able to do the legalities of it too."

She said she had about four or five character references, including former Prime Minister Bill English, former Waitākere Mayor Bob Harvey and National MP Amy Adams.

"I suppose I do know a few people who could vouch for me."