National MPs remain fired up today about their former colleague Jami-Lee Ross' behaviour - and are still backing leader Simon Bridges.

Ross yesterday released a secret recording he made of a conversation with Bridges in which they discussed a $100,000 donation. But Bridges was also caught out calling list MP Maureen Pugh "f**king useless" and the pair discussing the merits of other MPs and the value of different ethnicities.

National Party MP Nicky Wagner, who got an unfavourable mention in the tapes, has responded by saying frank discussions about party renewal are just part of political life.

The Christchurch based list MP told Newstalk ZB's Chris Lynch it really shows people can live two lives.


"The motivation behind Ross making the tapes public comes back to him being a narcissist who feels spurned on."

Wagner says it has been a traumatic week for National, and she is very angry and disappointed in the actions taken by Ross.

"Ross has hurt a lot of people and I am very pleased he is no longer in our caucus anymore. He is going through a psychotic episode at the moment and I feel sorry for the people around him."

MP Melissa Lee told reporters that people who hadn't ever said anything about people behind their backs were "saints".

"I personally have said things about my friends, you know, when I'm having a few drinks, comments. But the thing is you have to take everything that people say into context."

Lee said no one could "buy their way" into the National Party.

"I did not pay to actually get here and I don't think anybody else has either."

She was not concerned about Bridges' leadership.

"He's a great leader," she said.

"As far as Jami-Lee Ross, I'm glad we're rid of him."

Paul Goldsmith, at whose fundraiser Bridges again met Zhang Yikun, the businessman at the centre of the donation allegations, said he didn't know about the donation before Ross revealed the information.

"The gentleman was at my fundraiser and subsequent conversations followed that, but I was not aware of any conversations."

Goldsmith said he had met Zhang, and his KCC Construction office manager and wannabe National candidate Colin Zheng, "a few times".

"I've met him a couple of times and I know he's interested in standing, so what?

"We're a party that represents the entirety of New Zealand from all ethnic backgrounds and that's absolutely appropriate."

He said people could "absolutely not" buy their way into becoming an MP.

Goldsmith said the party had come through a difficult situation. "We're all shocked and dismayed with the way that Jami-Lee has conducted himself over the last couple of days."

Goldsmith said if allegations about Ross' relationships with a number of women, revealed by the Newsroom website, were true, "it would be a terrible thing".

"I'm sure, if it went through the party systems, it would have been treated appropriately, that would be my expectation."

He believed the party was a safe place for women.

Jacqui Dean said of Ross: "Good riddance, as far as I'm concerned."

"It allows us to focus on what we should be focusing on, which is doing our jobs.

"I have nothing further to say about that man. I'm very angry. He's let his party down, he's let his voters down, he's let the caucus down, and good riddance. Gone.

"We are 100 per cent behind Simon Bridges as our leader. We are dealing with a lone wolf who is now no longer a part of our caucus or our party."

Chris Bishop said the comments from the four women were "very concerning".

"I really feel for the women affected.

"It's pretty sad that it's the third day of very dramatic allegations that are not allowing use to focus on our jobs, and causing great distress for a great many people. Jami-Lee's actions over the last couple of days speak for themselves."

He backed Simon Bridges' leadership.

"There's no talk of any leadership challenges or anything like that. Simon Bridges has everyone's full support. He's done an outstanding job in the last three or four days, dealing with a really tough situation on multiple different levels.

"His leadership will be strengthened out of this."

Brett Hudson said the revelations from four women this morning were "shocking".

"You gotta hope they're able to rebuild their lives. No one deserves to be treated the way they were. Really shocking stuff.

"After what we've learned in the last couple of days [about Jami-Lee Ross], I just can't say I'm surprised. That's shocking in itself."