The one thing that Donald Trump has the world mesmerised by is his hair and his determination to keep it, come what may.

Clearly hair means a lot to this towering, overweight, imposing man.

He apparently spends hours tending to it we're told, dispensing at least a can of spray stiffener to make sure it remains in place.

Underneath the stiff side flaps the true colour of this blond bomb blast is revealed.


It's grey, hardly surprising for a man who's approaching his 72nd birthday.

The carefully structured design resembles a hair quake waiting to happen and it did when he was boarding Air Force One this week to jet off to his favourite home away from Trump Tower, forget the White House, Mar-a-lago.

Climbing to the top of the steps, the glue holding the mop up top finally came unstuck and the answer to the coif was blowing in the stern wind.

It was a sight to behold and had the video whirring, which not surprisingly has gone viral.

What we saw should really have come as no surprise though, the first daughter Ivanka has apparently chuckled with friends, according to Michael Wolff's new book, about what goes with the tonsorial trickery.

The look comes from scalp reduction surgery, where the hair fringes from either side are pulled towards the middle, reducing the bald spot on top. The wispy fringes are allowed to grow long enough to badly put in place, giving the most talked about comb over in modern history.

It's talked about because Trump himself has on a number of occasions defended the mess, once saying he'd probably just comb it back if he made it to the White House to save time.

Obviously that hasn't happened.


Well it is what it is, just as Bill English was forced to admit on his way into his caucus retreat yesterday, when asked about his well groomed follicles, with the suggestion that they'd become a lighter shade of grey.

The Dipton Drawler laughed more than he has done for a while and said the sun in Southland's done the trick.

Hair and politicians have at times been something of a preoccupation.

John Key appeared to change shades quite a lot with Winston Peters once claiming it'd been doused with a darker shade of grey, claiming the curtains didn't match the carpet, prompting the new knight to respond that "there's no dye in these locks baby."

It seems it's permissible to ask male politicians about their hairdressing habits, but females are out of bounds.

What's the bet, ask 37-year-old soon to be supermum Jacinda Ardern whether she keeps the grey at bay and you'd be doing so at your social media peril?