Former National Party president Michelle Boag has rapped a self-adapted version of 90s hit Gangsta's Paradise during a party fundraiser in Auckland last night.

Posts on Twitter referred to the performance, made during the Tamaki Debate.

The debate pitched Boag, Young Nats' president Stefan Sunde and Orakei councillor Desley Simpson against Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt, broadcaster Gary McCormick and former Labour MP Judith Tizard.

Boag confirmed her performance to the Herald and said she had changed the title to "John Key's Paradise" altering the lyrics to match her message.


She was not a fan of US rapper Coolio's original, chart-topping version of Gangsta's Paradise and did not own a copy of it.

Her cover simply done in good fun, Boag said.

"I did it because I wanted to do something different to attract their attention. I think [it worked]. I don't think they were expecting it."

It took her "ages" to come up with the altered lyrics, but she declined the Herald's request for an encore performance.

"I'm not giving them to you."

Sunde also sang - A Horse with No Name by America - which he dedicated to Tizard, Boag said.

Simpson sang too, but she couldn't remember what song.

The trio's efforts were in vain though - the "left" team won by half a point.