Hope you like the drawing ... because there's a chance it could become our national flag.

I'm going to take a punt and say the chance is slim, but we can't rule it out completely because but it's now in the system. Yup, someone - age unknown - drew a Kiwi farting out a rainbow, sent it to the Flag Consideration Project and now it must be considered.

There's more where that came from. Settle in. We're going to take a trip through an exhibition I like to call "Flag proposals: when New Zealand adults rediscover crayons, water colours and Microsoft Paint".

It's important to point out that this is a serious business. These are real-life suggestions from real New Zealanders, and they will be considered as possible replacements for our present flag.


And if we pick one, it will be hoisted over Government buildings, painted on our faces at sports games, and shot when Tame Iti gets hold of it.

So, to the exhibition. It's on the New Zealand Government website so everyone in the world can enjoy the drawings with us.

I'd like to single out for special mention the design submitted by Cho from Northland.

The three spears in the shape of a big N set in front of a orange sun is striking. N for New Zealand. Thank you Cho.

Graeme popped in a flag that looks a lot like ... oh, it is the Australian flag. Graeme has a sense of humour.

Then there's the free-hand drawing of a kiwi with a green face, there's the blue fish and yellow chips on a black background and the flag with three white dots in a line on a highlighter-green background. We're up to page 10. There are 86 pages.

These doodles really aren't helping the Prime Minister's case for a flag change. Already, most of us have gone off the idea. And we're probably even less keen now lovely Harry has visited and reminded us that we can't have him if we don't have the Union Jack.

If you want to stick with what we know and don't care a toss for our Prime Minister going down in history as the guy who finally ditched the 1902 New Zealand Blue Ensign, let me warn you, you may win this battle, but you will lose eventually.


Google "Union Jack flags of the colonies". You'll find a picture of the Union Jack surrounded by, well, the flags of the colonies. They have one thing in common. Union Jacks blimmin' everywhere.

India had a giant Jack, so it looked exactly like Britain's flag except for the little sun right in the middle like a bullseye.

Canada had the red version of our flag except for a complicated shield where our Southern Cross is.

And, like the flag for South Africa and Tasmania and the early version of Malaysia, it had a little Union Jack in the right hand corner. Just like us.

Except, they don't any more. They all changed their flags. And when you see all those old flags together, it feels like that little Union Jack in the right hand corner isn't something special to us. It's a stamp.

It means: these places belong to Britain. So, as for those of the other colonies, our flag will eventually change. If we don't do it, maybe our grandkids will.

In the meantime, a few suggestions are worth taking a look at. Go to page three. David has come up with a good one. He took the Union Jack off our flag and left it at that.