Green MP Gareth Hughes has confirmed he will enter the contest to replace Russel Norman as male co-leader.

Mr Hughes is the second MP to put his hand up for the role after Kevin Hague.

In a statement, Mr Hughes said he believed he could do the best job to grow the Greens' vote. "I am now in my third term of Parliament and ready to lead," he said.

The Wellington-based MP is ranked fifth on Greens' list and speaks for the party on energy, mining, and ICT.


At 33 years of age he is one of the youngest MPs in Parliament.

"I am standing for a new generation of Green leadership representing Kiwis like me who grew up with the internet, burdened with student loans and who are raising a family and struggling to get into their first house," he said.

"My candidacy is for a generational shift in our politics. Unlike previous generations a first home, a good job and an affordable education are considered luxuries by many of my generation."

Nominations for the male co-leadership position close on April 17, and the party will choose its new co-leader at its AGM on May