The Corrections Department has confirmed it is investigating a complaint about a staff member, said to be NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor's husband Dennis Taylor.

It was reported this morning that records pertaining to drink driving offences committed by Marise Bishop, a former director on NZ First's board and Mana electorate chairwoman, were accessed from Corrections' computer system.

This morning a spokesman for the department confirmed "it is investigating a complaint regarding the inappropriate accessing of information held on the Department's Integrated Offender Management System.

"The complaint was made by Ms Marise Bishop and concerns a current serving staff member."


Until the internal investigation was completed the department was unable to comment on the specifics of the case it said.

"They have to investigate everything when somebody complains I suppose", Mrs Lole-Taylor said this afternoon.

Asked about the complaint, Mrs Lole-Taylor said: "I don't know how Dennis operates and I think that is a question you need to ask the Department of Corrections."

Ms Bishop told the Herald she disclosed her convictions when she was elected to NZ First's board but claimed Mr Taylor accessed her records two years later when she was seeking the role of party secretary.

She believed Mr Taylor's motivation was down to his wife's loyalty to fellow Samoan NZ First member Tim Manu who was active in the Mana electorate but with whom Ms Bishop had fallen out with.

"That is how the trouble started" Ms Bishop said.

Mrs Lole-Taylor said the first she'd heard of any criminal record Ms Bishop may have "is actually what I read in the paper this morning".

"It's news to me."

Combative list MP and twitter user Mrs Lole-Taylor said there were " a lot of people that I have upset because I'm very upfront.".

"If Marise was not happy with anything she has every right to come and tell me."