He played Jesus in the school play.

2. His "little" brother, Stephen, is 6'7" and an expert on the Patagonian toothfish.

3. He has a half-brother and three half-sisters.


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4. His great-grandfather married King Dick Seddon's sister.

5. He helped his half-brother, Bill, through a life crisis.

6. He scared the pants off Michael Laws when they were at Uni together.

7. He caught a salmon in memory of his father at the spot on the Rangitata River where he died of a heart attack.

8. He was voted most likely to be a world leader by fellow scholarship students at Atlantic College in Wales.

9. His father, a vicar, remarried eight months after the death of his first wife.

10. The William Cunliffe who died in the Brunner mine disaster of 1896 may be a relative.

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