NZ First Leader Winston Peters refused to answer questions about his ugly parliamentary put-down of his rogue former MP Brendan Horan in his first day back after making the comment a week ago.

Reacting to a series of interruptions from Mr Horan, who is running a campaign against his former political mentor, Mr Peters had referred to him in the House as "the Jimmy Savile of New Zealand politics". British broadcaster Savile was accused after his death of child sex abuse.

Mr Peters avoided reporters on the way from the House after offering the insult but was back yesterday. Asked what he meant by the comment his response was "next question" which he gave 10 more times to follow up questions.

Inside the House his efforts to question John Key about immigration prompted taunts from the Prime Minister about the tussle between him and Mr Horan.


"Does he stand by all his statements?" Mr Peters asked.

"Yes," said Mr Key, "especially the one where I said, gosh, things aren't going well with Brendan Horan."

But Mr Horan was prepared to comment, saying: "It's not only me and the MPs that were disgusted but all of New Zealand ... It's a disgraceful thing to say."

Meanwhile, on the way out of the House Mr Peters told reporters he'd identified the source of information about NZ First's internal operations and board meetings which has been leaked to Mr Horan and the media.

That information has been the basis of Mr Horan's claims the party is misusing taxpayer funding by using it to pay for an IT system and staff who run fundraising operations which is against Parliament's rules. The matter is being investigated by Speaker David Carter.

"The leak was formerly someone who knew [about NZ First's party business] and we know what to expect."

Mr Peters later told the Herald that no one from the Speaker's office had contacted him over the matter.