National MP Mark Mitchell has claimed Kim Dotcom was "intimidatory" and made "direct threats" towards the Prime Minister to Mr Mitchell at a barbecue late last year.

Speaking in Parliament today, Mr Mitchell said he and his wife Peggy had attended a barbecue in his Rodney electorate.

"While there I was confronted by Mr Kim Dotcom who was also a guest. I can only describe the conversation as chilling. Direct threats were made by Mr Dotcom towards our Prime Minister.

"He stated that he could and would destroy the Prime Minister and that he already had members of our Parliament working with him to achieve this."


Mr Mitchell said he had left immediately.

Mr Mitchell, a former policeman, said he had many years of working with intimidatory people and did not immediately recognise the seriousness of the situation.

"But sitting in the vehicle with my wife it was obvious she was shaken and the nature of the threats had shaken her.

"I've now had time to reflect on the abusive behaviour of Mr Dotcom at the function I attended last year. The violence of the threats towards the Prime Minister have not left me and today I felt it was important to place these matters on the record in this House.

"I believe the people of this country are beginning to question the true motives of Mr Dotcom. From my own experience he is a man who uses threats and intimidation of people to get what he wants."

He said he did not originally believe the claim that other MPs were working with Mr Dotcom until it became clear several Opposition MPs had been there.

He went on to attack those Opposition MPs who had visited Dotcom, asking if it was true Dotcom had tasked Labour with developing the IT policy he had been working on or if Green co-leader Russel Norman had promised to help with his extradition bid.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard objected at the end, saying it was out of order for Mr Mitchell to claim other MPs were working under the instruction of Mr Dotcom.


Kim Dotcom responded to Mr Mitchell's claims on Twitter: "The only threat I ever made to those who abuse their power and think they are above the law: "The truth will come out''.''