Journalist Patrick Gower's on-air "live stream" will only "add to the legend", says the man who brought him from print to broadcasting.

Gower forgot his microphone was on during a break yesterday at John Key's state of the nation speech in Auckland.

During a break in reporting, Gower rushed to the toilet to relieve himself, however the 3News political editor forgot one important step - always turn your mic off.

He was undone by the live broadcast of the speech which was streaming online to those watching - and listening - on the 3News website.


3rd Degree and RadioLive host Duncan Garner was responsible for bringing Gower from the Herald to 3News in 2008.

"I told him to be responsible for the best leak in Parliament but I didn't want it to go this far." Garner said this latest episode would "only add to the legend" of Gower.

Gower apologised for any offence that "leakgate" may have caused.

"My boss has let me keep my job. He's just said, 'Stop reporting from the toilet, at least keep it to the gutter'."