Chris Fletcher:

Am I angry? You bet I'm angry. I don't think he is going to last. I think his brand is tarnished. I'm really, really disappointed in some councillors who have not wanted to do anything but polarise this very difficult situation. I'm going to say to councillor Brewer, who has orchestrated much of the misinformation on this issue, I'm going to buy you a tutu and a some ballet slippers for Christmas.

Calum Penrose: (This recommendation) is crucial for moving Auckland forward. The mayor has to stand up for his responsibility. For too long we have played political games and people have suffered for it.

John Watson: Words such as profound disappointment and disapproval encapsulate the view of councillors as a whole and Auckland.


Cameron Brewer**: For the best interests of Auckland he now needs to go. That is what the people of Auckland are calling for and that's what I'm asking for.

Denise Krum**: This is a classic case of the emperor has no clothes. The proof of a leader is that people are following. You can't be a leader when no one is following and people have stopped following but instead are rolling their eyes.

Linda Cooper: 'The people of Auckland have lost confidence in the mayor.' Photo / NZ Herald
Linda Cooper: 'The people of Auckland have lost confidence in the mayor.' Photo / NZ Herald

Linda Cooper**:

It's about credibility. It's about mana and the people of Auckland have lost confidence in the mayor. I see no contrition. I have heard words he knows he needs to say, but I don't think he really believes them.

Bill Cashmore: Myaim and sole resolve is I want to move forward. I want to put this issue behind us. Only the mayor can relinquish his position.

Penny Webster: We have worked very hard for three years so for the next year are we going to go through a by-election, are we going to go through disruption, needing to set up a new mayor, new policies? I don't think so.

George Wood: This is a very sad day for Auckland and I'm actually disgusted with what the mayor has done but he is also at an important juncture in his mayoralty ... and he must change to gain the trust of councillors.

Mike Lee: The Auckland Council over the last few weeks has suffered a blow. It has been battered and bruised and is bleeding. We have a choice. To try and put the fire out, to try and staunch the wounds before we have a permanent running sore in Auckland. We have to try and move forward.

Dick Quax**: Of course we could move forward. We could move forward as soon as Len Brown is gone. The sleaze from the first floor in this building is a political rotting corpse.

Ross Clow: People are really upset at the sense of entitlement and the recidivist type of activity made by the mayor going back to Manukau. The other thing is the continuing impression there is not much contrition there. If something else comes out in the future that is reasonably significant, that would pose a problem for me.

Chris Darby:

The actions of the mayor have been totally inexcusable and an absolute embarrassment for the city. The EY report has really brought this matter to a prickly head and now we are oozing it out and it doesn't smell well. I have very little room for anything else to come out.

Sharon Stewart**: I certainly hope he stands down because I know people in my community - schools, sports clubs, churches - are finding it almost impossible at events and awards to say they don't really want him to be there.

Wayne Walker: It's really important we move on and the mayor has the opportunity to fess up and do the right thing. People have had a gutsful and want to move on.

**Councillors who voted not to continue working with the mayor.

• Councillors who did not speak during the debate: Arthur Anae, Alf Filipaina, Cathy Casey and John Walker.