Prime Minister John Key had an informal discussion with US President Barack Obama in Phnom Penh this morning and the issue of Kim Dotcom appears to have been discussed.

Talking to NZ reporters afterwards, Mr Key repeatedly refuse to confirm whether it had been discussed or not.

Asked if Kim Dotcom came up when he spoke to the Presdient at the East Asia Summit leaders dinner on Monday, he said ''No, not last night."

Asked if it came up this morning he said: "Well, I'm just not prepared to go into those details."


However he was perfectly prepared to confirm that the issue of Gaza was discussed.

Mr Key and Mr Obama's private informal meeting was held before the pair went into a meeting of the leaders of Trans Pacific Partnership countries.

Kim Dotcom, a New Zealand permanent resident, is the subject of an extradition order by the United States. He is wanted on charges of internet piracy but is fighting the extradition.

The EAS comprises the 10 Asean countries plus New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Russia and the United States.