Prime Minister John Key will this afternoon correct the answers he gave two weeks ago to questions about what he was told about Kim Dotcom by the GCSB.

However he's also set to attack Labour Leader David Shearer over his allegations about the matter.

Mr Key this morning said he would "clarify" answers he gave about what he knew about the GCSB's involvement in the Dotcom affair and when, to include the fact Mr Dotcom was mentioned during a February 29 briefing he received from the bureau.

He previously told Parliament the first he knew of the GCSB's involvement was on September 17 when he was informed it had spied on Mr Dotcom illegally.


"What happened on the 29th of February as I will make clear in Parliament today is I went for a presentation on a completely different issue and by way of example in some pre briefing notes that were neither distributed to me or given to me it's possible that a reference was made" he told reporters this morning.

"That's not a briefing but for good order I've brought that to the public attention and I'll clarify those answers in Parliament today but it's not an apology."

However he also indicated he would attack Mr Shearer over the Labour leader's claim that Mr Key mentioned the German internet millionaire when he addressed GCSB staff following the February 29 briefing.

Mr Shearer says GCSB initiated a search for a recording of that speech in the days before he went public with his claims last week.

But while Mr Key said he couldn't categorically say he hadn't mentioned or made a quip about Mr Dotcom during his speech to GCSB staff, about half a dozen people who were there had been asked and could not recall such a reference.

"My view is David Shearer completely has misrepresented me, I think he's actually made some wild accusations about GCSB which are plain wrong and I reckon he'll never produce a tape I reckon he'll never back up what he's said, and I reckon he's been interviewing his typewriter actually."

Mr Shearer this morning was unable to confirm a tape of the speech existed and could not say whether his sources had seen or heard it.

He said the fact that the recording of Mr Key's speech had not surfaced was not the point.

"Can he categorically deny that he came out and talked about Kim Dotcom and GCSB's involvement in front of staff?"

Mr Shearer said he had the "absolute" support of his caucus over the issue.