Act leader Don Brash said late last night that he was confident he would lead the Act
Party into the election on November 26.

He was responding to questions from the Herald put to him after talk that the party board could move to replace him with Epsom candidate John Banks, a former Mayor of Auckland and National Party Cabinet minister.

Dr Brash mounted a coup himself only in April this year from outside Parliament against
the then Act leader Rodney Hide, the present Epsom MP.

He has since fallen well short in opinion polls of his target of 15 per cent support and appalled some members recently by airing his own views on liberalising cannabis laws.


The leader of the Act Party usually requires 50 per cent support of the caucus, but none of the five Act MPs is standing again and the House is scheduled to rise today.

"I've got no doubt that the board supports me,"' Dr Brash said.

The all-powerful Act board could stage a coup simply by changing the rankings of the
party list.

It is scheduled to meet next on October 15.