Former Green MP Sue Bradford has announced that she wants to stand for Hone Harawira's Mana Party at the general election.

Ms Bradford is keen to contest Waitakere against Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.

"My nomination is being considered along with other people's and I think that there'll be a formal decision within a week or so, at least about some of us," she told Newstalk ZB last night.

Mr Harawira's new Mana Party is lining up a number of high-profile candidates for the November general election and he says they will stand in Maori and general-roll seats.


The Te Tai Tokerau MP, who formed Mana after quitting the Maori Party, confirmed yesterday that his group would contest all seven Maori seats, as well as some general electorates.

"Mana will contest general seats, especially those in communities savaged by cuts in health, education and benefits, because even the poor deserve a champion in Parliament," he said. "We intend investing serious time and energy into pushing our policies into poor areas."

The party's co-vice-presidents, John Minto and Annette Sykes, are in the running and broadcaster Willie Jackson is reported to be "seriously considering" standing for Mana.

"We will promote candidates chosen for their unremitting fight for justice, their track record in advocating for Maori issues, and their leadership in the struggle for human rights," Mr Harawira said.

Ms Bradford said she would like a high list ranking with the party but would not drop out if she did not get a position high enough to get back into Parliament.

- NZPA, staff reporter