Heated debate has followed revelations of government ministers misusing their credit cards - such as former Minister Shane Jones charging pay-per-view porn to his.

Documents released yesterday listed spending on ministerial credit cards dating back to 2003, showing some Ministers charging personal expenses to them.

nzherald.co.nz invited its readers to comment on opinion pieces and asked the question: "Should all government ministers forfeit their credit cards?"

Hundreds have responded.

Commenting on John Armstrong's article that Jones must be demoted, Kiwi EV, from New Plymouth, commended the former Minister for fronting up that he had put porn on his card.

"While I'm not a Labour supporter, I find Shane Jones' honesty refreshing & admirable in a politician. It took a lot of guts to go on TV and front up like that."

But Get Real said Jones should face harsh penalties, as an employee would.

"Demotion isn't really going far enough is it? If you or I were to rent porn on the company credit card with or without prior permission we would be sacked pronto and charged with 'theft as a servant'."

Auckland's Busybee, meanwhile, questioned the media's priorities for getting into such a frenzy over the documents.

"What's the problem in enjoying a sumptuous Chinese cuisine or watching a porn movie? Are the media saints that they do not indulge in such activities, sounds stupid to me? Private detectives should scrutinise the journalist activities and place it before the public."

Agreeing that government ministers should forfeit their credit cards, pawpaw said it was disheartening to see politicians misusing hard-earned public money.

"So disheartened and disappointed. My husband and I and our respective families, our children work so hard for every dollar. Integrity, honesty - don't these words mean anything these days?"

Aquarius said the ministers had abused their power.

"Privileges, NOT rights! So, as per badly behaved children, take their toys away! They are paid huge salaries & should be able to live well within their means. Where are the great role models in this country?"

Another reader, Miss, offered a solution to the misuses.

"My suggestion is that all MPs pay out of their own pockets and then are reimbursed. That may help cut down inappropriate spending."

Lotsanoodles said the topic had been all overblown just because there was pornography involved.

"Good grief what a bunch of whingers! I wonder if the outcry would have been so great if it wasn't a porn movie? Politicians are not alone in bending the rules - private business people do it all the time, avoiding tax using clever accounting.

"Makes no difference if the movie is Debbie does Dallas or Die Hard 3, for goodness sake grow up and find something really important to moan about."