Two high-profile politicians have had a public falling-out in a manner which which is normally the domain of disaffected teens.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard "defriended" Green co-leader Metiria Turei after she posted criticism on the wall of his Facebook profile.

In a blog entry, titled Trevor defrended me on FB and I'm a bit sad about that, Turei revealed that Mallard gave her the digital flick after she criticised Labour's stance on the minimum wage on his Facebook page.

"The beauty of Facebook is that politicians like Trevor and I can discuss issues in the public eye," Turei wrote.

"Where is the commitment to an open dialogue if you get defriended – for disagreeing?"

Mallard responded today in a blog entry of his own, saying that the idea of politicians using his Facebook page to attack him "just doesn't seem right."

"I regard my page like my home," Mallard wrote at Labour's Red Alert site. "I choose who is there. While there are lots of discussions initiated by constituents I decide whether they run or not."

Turei is open to keeping the relationship alive. "I think Trevor is being a bit silly and I will invite him to be my Facebook friend again," she wrote.

"I hope that he accepts and I will let you know what he says."

Mallard said he would say yes to an invitation, "but I will watch her manners carefully."